Hamilton Aquatics teach, train and nurture swimmers at all stages of swimming, from learning to swim to Olympic athletes; we strive to inspire and develop our swimmers across all programs to achieve their aquatic goals.

2021 Winner Swimming Waikato
Performance Swimming Club of the Year


Keep your children healthy, active & safe in the water

Swimming is a necessary skill that can open up a world of adventures and opportunities, and at Hamilton Aquatics, we make it fun!

With our comprehensive swimming program, your child will learn how to swim or improve their swimming skills, all in a safe and welcoming environment. We offer classes for all different age groups, so you're sure to find the perfect group for your child. Whether you live in central Hamilton, east Hamilton, or Te Rapa, we have a group suitable for your family!

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Hamilton Aquatics Learn to Swim program.
Hamilton Aquatics Junior transitional squads


Hamilton Aquatics offers a comprehensive range of swim squads covering all levels of swimming, including a competitive pathway and fitness squads. 

Joining a swimming squad will teach your child confidence, motivation and perseverance while experiencing what it is like to be part of a team. Swimming competitively is hard work; it is also very gratifying and a lot of fun; your child will make friends and create lifelong memories.
At Hamilton Aquatics, we group swimmers by age and ability into an appropriate squad with swimmers of similar skill levels. Swimmers progress into more advanced squads when physically, socially and cognitively ready for a greater challenge.

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  1. Transitional Squads

  2. Junior Squads

  3. Senior Squads

  4. Fitness Squads


Hamilton Aquatics offers a comprehensive range of swim programs and squads providing all levels of swimming, including primary aged swimming lessons, a competitive squad pathway and fitness squads.

Hamilton Aquatics promotes para-swimming and is fully inclusive for all para athletes across all squads and programs. We are fortunate to be the home of several para athletes who are valued members of our team.

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Hamilton Aquatics is a community based aquatics club that enables members across Hamilton to connect, have fun and achieve their aquatic goals.