Hamilton Aquatics Uniforms + Caps

How to order your club caps.

Please email your cap orders using the link below.  Your coach will then bring it to training.  We always try to have extra race caps on hand at meets.

Training caps $15 | Racing Caps $22
Orders - admin@hamiltonaquatics.nz

Please check the club handbook for member discounts on swimming gear from SWIMT3 & TEAMLINE.


How to order your club uniforms.

Please view our range and order your club uniform using the link below.  Simply, hit the link, make your order and have it delivered directly to your door.

Hamilton Aquatics - Kapinua

Hamilton Aquatics Junior Splash Nights

Teaching our junior swimmers how to race

Splash nights offer a fun and inclusive environment for our junior swimmers, where they can experience their first taste of competition.

These events provide an opportunity for swimmers to achieve swimming times, which they can use to enter future swim meets. It also allows our coaches to observe their technique and skills.

Swimmers of all ages and levels are encouraged to participate in a variety of strokes and distances.

During these nights, we strive to replicate the atmosphere of a regular swim meet as closely as possible. This allows our less experienced athletes to become familiar with meet procedures, officials, rules, whistle signals, marshalling, and swim protocols.

Additionally, it provides an opportunity for new parents to understand the event procedures, conditions of entry, meet other parents, and fully immerse themselves in the swimming culture.

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