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Hamilton Aquatics is a family-friendly inclusive club, with a strong focus on team bonding, we understand the importance of swimmers having an environment that they feel secure and can connect with their squad mates.

All our swimmers are encouraged to compete either at club race nights, carnivals or championship meets and will be provided the appropriate support at their current level of competition.

Upcoming Meets

The Hamilton Aquatics Chocolate Festival Meet
A competitive meet with a fun atmosphere where all swimmers are winners!
Swimmers, grab your teammates & join in the fun relays.
AIMS Games last hit out.

Upcoming Events

Hamilton Aquatics Quiz Night Fun-draiser
Are you smarter than a swimmer?
Get your team together for a fun night out & test those general knowledge skills.
Only $15pp.
Prizes | Raffles | Auctions 
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Thanks to our event sponsors

Acknowledging our local sponsors

Hamilton Aquatics would like to thank our local sponsors for contributing to our fundraising events. We cannot succeed without the generosity of supporters like you. As a non-profit sports organisation, fundraising allows us to run swimming meets and events for our children, which help them thrive in their swimming.

Squad Camps

We believe it is crucial to provide a positive, fun team culture, one where our swimmers get to come together both inside and outside of the water.

Each year we provide camps where squads get the opportunity to develop their team identity before heading into the competitive season.  The camps and their activities are structured accordingly for the specific groups.

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Transitional Squad Camps

Transitional Squad Camps
Junior Squad Camps

Junior Squad Camps
Senior Squad Camps

Senior Squad Camps

Hamilton Aquatics is a community based aquatics club that enables members across Hamilton to connect, have fun and achieve their aquatic goals.